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Jebao Newest Energy-Saving Turtle Pump OME3500

For sale are Jebao Newest 2nd Generation Energy-Saving Eco Turtle Pumps, and all made by 4 pole motors.

OME 3500 runs 25w only. Head: 3.0M. Max. Flow: 3500L/H.


1. Designed and made for Australia 240v/50Hz power use with 10M long high quality outdoor use rubber cable and original sealed Australia power plug top.

2. Size: 430x300x180mm (LxWxH)

3. Adopt German frequency technology with build in Stop Energy Wastage Control Unit and Use Made in Japan Integrated Chip.

4. Innovation internal structure design With Wear-resistant ceramic shaft, Rust Free, and runs super smooth and quiet (no running noise) & Last Longer

5. Great for both marine and fresh water use, also, for fish pond and tanks.

6. Build in Power Auto off protect function -- auto turns off if it runs without water for 5 mins. (Beware! Some seller always reject buyer's warranty by If the pump is found have been run dry warranty will be void. )

7. Can be sucking two points water in your pond by connect one pipe into one of "outlet" that has switch on it -- great for pond water circulation!

And all come with 2x outlets connectors with in/out:  Ø 20 / 25 / 32 / 40 mm.

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$115.00 (Inc GST)