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Brand New Extra Large Sized Floating Magnetic Cleaner

For sale are brand new floating magnetic cleaners.


1. Super strong magnets for up to 16mm thick aquarium glass.

2. Floating part avoid you lost the control and drop into the bottom of the fish tank.

3. Anti Scratch cleaning pads are highly efficient on remove the algae inside the glass.

4. Non slip griped handle for easy cleaning.


The cleaning surface size is 12cm x 6cm

Save you $40 compare to the renamed brand's retail price!

Warning: Must use it with care to avoid damage your fingers! And keep it away from the children.

China price ($1=RMB4.70):

The recent years online sale in China result in: Factory to re-sellers (distributors), then, direct to buyers. No more middle man (company). Buyers pay the reasonable price.

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$20.00 (Inc GST)