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Jebao CM 3500L/H 10M Wet/Dry Eco Pond Pump

For sale is a German designed 2nd Gerneration 4 pole motor Energy-Saving pond pump. It can save 50% to 75% power consumption compare to the same water flow of traditional copper wire made water pumps by use build in Stop Energy Wastage Control Unit. 
If use it as a fountain pump, you can add one FT-04 fountain nozzle on (see our store's FT-04 listing).
And compare to the retail price, you saved at least 50%.
It features:
1. Designed and made for Australia 240v/50Hz power use with 10M long high quality outdoor use rubber cable and original sealed Australia power plug top.
2. Max. 3500L/H at zero, water head 3M
3. Power: 240v/50Hz and it runs 25w only
4. Adopt German frequency technology with build in Stop Energy Wastage Control Unit and Use Made in Japan Integrated Chip.
5. Innovation internal structure design With Wear-resistant ceramic shaft, Rust Free, and runs super smooth and quiet (no running noise) & Last Longer
6. All Jebao Eco pumps use ceramic shaft. Great for marine water use, also, for fish pond and tanks.
7. Build in Power Auto off protect function -- auto turns off if it runs without water for 5 mins.
8. Wet/Dry means you can use it inside water tank or outside water tank.
And it come with 3x outlets connectors: 1.25", 1"(2.5cm) and 0.75"(2cm).

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$99.00 (Inc GST)