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Brand New Replacement 9W UV-C Bulb

For sale is a brand new Jebao 9W UV-C bulb. The industry standard Ultra Violet Clarifier (UV-C) eliminates green tank & pond water and disease growth.

It will turns your green fish tank water to clear in just one night that other brand can't guarantee to you.

For your reference: UV-C bulb is a low-voltage discharge lamp, a tubular glass shell fired short-wave ultraviolet radiation, and its value is 253.7 nm. It kills bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms, or the loss of activity. And used in various related fields including in the hospital, bacteriological and pharmacy Institute air, water and surface disinfection, as well as food processing industry, such as cheese plants, breweries and bakeries. Also it can be used in drinking water, waste water, swimming pools, air-conditioning systems, cold storage, packaging materials, and other aspects of disinfection.

Secrets: Both Jebao and Atman use one China factory's UV bulbs.


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