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We closed our eBay store. Please contact for warranty in here for our eBay store sales.

Warranty Conditions

Jebao Warranty

All Jebao products we are selling are GS, CE, UL, CUL, SAA approved (Western countries electrical products safety & quality tests) - you are always buying top quality products for your confidence!!!

Jebao offer an one year warranty for their authorized dealers only. Jebao never offer direct warranty to the final customer as they have no repair center in Australia. The Jebao warranty must carried out by the authorized dealers – who imported and sold the products. This means you need to return Jebao products to the overseas seller if you bought it from overseas!

Jebao are not able to stop tricky sellers who pay 50c to cut the China power plug top off and seal an Australia Power plug top instead. There is no "manufacture warranty card" inside such boxes. Beware such tricky sellers who offer you "2 years or auto extend to 5 years manufacturer's parts warranty" if you leave positive feedback in 7 days.  It is a misleading marketing trick.

AquaCor Aquarium only sell genuine Jebao products made for Australia 240v use,  printed with "Australia distributor + company name + serial number + made date" on the labels. We also add some special marks on the products for warranty identification. Removing the permanent marks we added will void your warranty.

Please note that all Jebao pumps we are selling are for aquarium or pond clean water use only. There is no warranty if you use it as a waste water, oil, hot water, chemical pump, or in heavily planted or sludge built up ponds etc. The maximum water temperature is 35c degree for all Jebao Eco pumps. When you clean the filter, you also need to remove 4 screws and pump’s housing, and then, take out the impeller to clean inside of pump. This is call pump maintenance. The pump warranty will be void if the pump motor is dead and that caused by build up of sludge inside the pump.

Also, the warranty will be void if cut off the power plug top. All aquarium or pond products’ power plug top must be original factory sealed under Australia electrical safety requirements. Using overseas low voltage products may cause a fire that void your home insurance too.

Jebao Eco Pump Maintenance

Maintenance is required every 2 to 3 months on the eco pump range to ensure your warranty stays valid.  To perform this follow these easy steps: 

  1. remove the screws
  2. then remove the front plastic cover
  3. take out the impeller
  4. clean inside to remove the build up of sludge etc.
  5. then, reassemble again in reverse (steps 3 to 1).