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We closed our eBay store. Please contact for warranty in here for our eBay store sales.

About Aquacor


Top quality aquarium products at best value prices…

Aquacor Aquarium sells professional and top quality aquarium and pond products at low price as a direct importer and re-seller. We started our online business store on eBay in January 2004 and to date have over 27,000 happy customers from our eBay stores: AquaCor Aquarium and Bestprice28.

And this store is run by Australia registered company: AquaCor Aquarium, ABN number is 99938463629. Our warehouse address is 6 Carrington Road, Guildford NSW 2161. Our contact phone number is 0410-888223. And purchase products in here are protected by Australia consumer law. This means "shopping is risk free compare to buy products from eBay private seller's stores, or no address online stores".

Also, unlike many "looks very large online stores", all our store listed products are in our warehouse and ready for shipping. So, you don't need wait the shop owner to arrange products in, then, shipping to you. Or asking you changer to other similar products due to they are not able to get it after few weeks.

We import the modified for Australia 240v use high quality aquarium pumps, filters, lights etc. products base on our over 25 years experience on aquarium and aquaculture knowledge. Also, a wide range of top quality aquarium accessories in the original brand packing for a low price sale. We also can match all other direct importer's price if they public their Australia registered company name and real address. But not the online scammers' stores (those stores won't show you their real company address for tax evasion and undo warranty purpose and their registered domain name under overseas person's name-- the Fair trading require seller's registered business name, address when you claim your warranty rights, no cover if the store is run by private).

Australia well-being is base on the taxes, so, please always support Australia local business who pay the taxes.

We were the world largest Eco pump maker Jebao factory's Australia distributor -- we have a wide range of Jebao Energy-Saving pumps in stock. But we can't met the retail shop's requirements: 1. payment credit - pay us when item sold. 2. gurrantee at least 100% retail profit. So, we do direct sale at lowest price to public. And Jebao do direct sale to shops from China now, that's why no more "Jebao products are rubbish" rumous, only "AquaCor do not do warranty" everywhere. Because we selling cheapest.

We are also one of best aquarium lights factory's Australia Sydney distributor: Zetlight who make top class and professional marine lights. We carry and stock Zetlight newest marine lights.

Pay less for your beautiful aquarium setup, and let everyone can easy afford their fish hoppy is our goal. So, we also import top quality silk & plastic plants, ornaments, air pumps, blowers, fish food, filters etc. products that you can see at retail stores under they said "top brand" at very expansive price. (Please note: that big company always import same products after they saw we have a big sale on eBay. Not as some shops said "AquaCor always import same produdts and sale cheap to kill our business".)

For your reference:

Australia aquarium market is a highly monopoly market - controlled by one of China aquarium factory boss. Under his "One brand, One price Australia wide to protect Australia small retail stores business" tricky plan,  same as 10 years ago China retail industry, many of only sale this One brand shops closing down already, they don't know the market change, only know how to make troubles and rumors etc. do dirty business to kick out others who import and sale other China top brands.

One brand, one price Australia wide can protect Australia retail industry? If so, why 100's aquarium shops closing down and run business at own garage? Only Aqua One made billions profit from those retail stores. And unknown Australia paid much more to those retail stores.

We hope those retail business people go to etc. China online shopping malls to see what the original China market price is. And 99% aquarium products are original made and packed in China. You can buy products directly from China factories, and there are over 10,000 aquarium products factories in China. Or, just buy it from eBay for re-sale. Why pay much higher than eBay price for the exactly same products that under Aqua One brand packing? Then, Always complain others selling cheap to kill your business.

You can find the China original factory's price by search the brand name at For example, typing "Atman" to find Aqua One factory made products. Very limited products range? Yes. In fact, the most of Aqua One products are re-brand from other small factories for a highest price sale to shops in Australia.

Why shops say: "we only support Aqua One." ? We don't know, but we are sure that it's not the Aqua One products quality, because there are no differene than many eBay products on the quality. It's more likely a group of retail people are very enjoy work together to make troubles to others for a fun -- all of their competitors been described as "criminals" or "Psycho".

We closed our eBay stores due to a large group of people keep purchase our goods, and then, open eBay disputes for a return for refund games -- to increase our cost of sales, because we still need pay the eBay selling fee, return postages and the GST on the refund done goods. And some returned goods are damaged by hammer! Cement block pump's impeller! etc.

Their reason to do that is "AquaCor shop selling price too cheap that killed their sales!". Really? Please check eBay Jebao, Hailea, Resun etc. China old big brands' price, All very low, many of them selling at cost price or below the import cost price!! But the same cost of Aqua One products all selling well above them. Why? Because most of Australian believe "brand name", and pay higher price for a brand name is value for money. So, the smart business people play the brand name game by lower other brands products price, increase new brand packing products' price to make a great profit sale. Also, selling other brands below the cost price is warning others like us "don't import those brands products again if you don't want sale at loss."

And we know because of the slow market sales that result in some unethical retail shops thinking about how to ripping off other importer's stock at well below import costs price. The previous Australia largest aquarium products wholesaler is out 2 years ago, they carried Jebo brand products were sale below import costs price on eBay 2 years ago! After that, everyone knows our store, the age of aquarium, the guppy's aquarium been attacked -- they try to block our sales and offer one very low price to take all of our stock for their great profit sale. But we lower our selling price to public. Not selling to those unethical people at low price. And we are direct importer, no one can beat our selling price except people selling at below costs.

Popular Brands in China

Following are well-known brands and the factory official websites in China for your reference. And, in recent 10 years, there are 1000's smaller factories who join in and make top quality, aquarium products, fish food, protein skimmers, aquarium plants etc. that we are not able to list them all in here. And unlike Australia market, in China aquarium market, no brand can sale with brand name fee for a huge more profit, the high competition result in "selling price reflect the real products quality". So, everyone can easy afford their aquarium hobby in China.
1. Jebo is one of the oldest and largest aquarium products brand who specialise in making top quality fish tanks and a full range of other aquarium products. And Chinese knows the Jebo fish tank is No. 1 in quality. However, under "low price attack" on eBay, the Jebo Australia distributor give up his rights in 2014. No one bring this brand products into Australia--successfully kicked out from Australia market under someone's purpose. So, Australian have no choice to pay 10 times China market price for the China middle class quality AquaOne fish tanks (in China call Atman)


2. Jebao was separated from Jebo in 1998 and specialise in making quality pumps, filters, and start make Energy Saving pumps 3 years early than all other aquarium factories. And Jebao keep develop new aquarium products, and Jebao factory adopt sale products via internet sellers to cut off the traditional retail's profit to gain the lowest market selling price and hot sale. Now, many factories copy Jebao products at the lowest costs and packed in Jebao brand to join the market "hot sale".


We are formal Jebao Australia agent: but we not do wholesale to shops any more, Jebao do direct wholesale to Australia aquarium shops from China since 2016. Who import Jebao products, who do the warranty for their buyers. No cross warranty.

3. Resun is another one of the oldest large aquarium product factory’s who make a wide range of good quality products know by market. But under "low price attack" and massive cheating warranty problems, and no direct online sale warnings, the Resun distributor's business is frozen. Yes, someone try to let them have finical problem and sale their stock goods at cents to them.

4. Hailea is also an old aquarium products factory, who make wide range of top quality aquarium products and experienced for years by Australia buyers. All Chinese knows Hailea air pumps, water pumps, chillies are much better than Atman brand on quality, and more expansive than Atman brand (in Australia, Atman change to AquaOne and described as No. 1 Australia premium brand by the shops for their secure profit sale). But there are always people selling Hailea products under the importing costs for create "cheap products" imaging and block the Hailea distributor's wholesaler business.

5. Atman or Via Aqua is another old aquarium product factory's brand, and they make middle price range fish tanks, and heaters, pumps etc. traditional products that huge China factories make same, but it well know by Australia buyers under another brand Aqua One or Pond One. In recent years, Aqua One rising as an Australia biggest distributor company, Also, Aqua One boss from a Atman products distributor to one of Atman's director (kicked out one of old director). However, all AquaOne products are well over priced, how it can win the No. 1 sales in Australia? The secrets is "let the retail make great profit by described as a top brand". Because Australian trust the retail shop's said, and people believe "value for money".

And in China every year's pet & aquarium trade show, Aqua One always there, but no one re-sell Aqua One in China. Atman is also have a very small market share. Why Australia very skilled Aqua One products sellers not extend their business to the huge big China market???!!!

And in 2014, this China factory separated into two factories due to AquaOne made great profit in Australia does not share with factory other directors.

Atman or Aqua One's China Website: (very limited products range)

6. SunSun is another start on 1980's aquarium products factory. And mainly focus on make "cheapest priced products" which is not match Australia at least 1 year warranty request. So, not recommend, but you can use SunSun products selling price in China for reference of how cheap is. There are many eBay non aquarium products sellers selling SunSun products.

Australian can check all products price at the world largest online shopping mall: by search above brands. If you can't find it, then, it's a re-brand China made product. Don't pay more for a new printed brand name.

Below are a few links that you can use for your reference on buying products in Australia:

Protein Skimmers: (you can buy from there and change the pump in Australia when it dead, still providing much cheaper) (content in Chinese)

Aqua One or Pond One in China is named Atman or Via Aqua for your reference: (content in Chinese)

Aqua One brand protein skimmer sale in retail store from $300 to $1000, but they are made by another smaller factory call Boyu, and the China market price is only between $10 to $40 !!!

If you are smart or don't want be ripping off by others, then, always double check China shopping mall price before you buy. The recommend website are,, www., or buy directly at English website: for cheap, but no warranty for OZ buyers -- you can't send any used goods into China.

For fish etc. life stock, many of customers asking me why Australia price so greedy after they visit China Hongkong aquarium market. Yes, the price gap is very very dear. All I can suggest you is create a facebook fish price group to let people know the selling price in different shops. And if buyers can learn what the retail shops doing to other products brands sellers, buyers also can working together to shopping at one shop only for few months, then, other shops will start cut their greedy price to attracting you come back.